• Structural editing, copyediting, proofreading – read more here about what each of these entails. I particularly enjoy working with authors from the early stages to give structural editing input – ‘big picture’ thinking about overall themes, structure, and flow
  • Non-fiction editing (general, history, autobiography)
  • Fiction editing (e.g., historical, contemporary)
  • Academic editing (PhD and Master’s thesis editing)


  • Diploma of Book Editing and Publishing, from Macleay College Sydney
  • PhD and Master’s thesis editing
  • Autobiography, general non-fiction editing
  • Provided editorial advice on historical, contemporary novels (e.g., structural and copy editing – are characters’ motivations clear and authentic, is the setting fully delineated, etc)
  • Structural editing, copyediting, proofreading


  • Editors should meet professional standards of practice; the Australian standards are here and most countries will have similar guidelines in place to set standards.
  • Thesis editing is typically governed by guidelines limiting the level of editing that is allowed, for ethical reasons. You can read the Australian guidelines here and also check out my FAQ page for more information on those guidelines.